Baby Activity Log

We have babies in our house.  I don’t remember all the details around how they got there but they have managed to completely overtake the establishment and deplete all available resources. But then they do that “one thing” and its all worth it. Anyway, my wife is a little bit obsessive about when and how much they eat, their sleep patterns, etc etc… She had downloaded a form in the past that she printed off and filled in the fields for the corresponding activities as the day progressed. How much simpler it would be to have a digital spreadsheet version of the chart that laid out the hours of the day and she typed in  a number into each cell to represent the activity of that hour. For example, 1 – sleeping, 2 – eating, 3 – playing, etc. Then the chart could be conditional formatted to display a color for each activity. Then she could easily see patterns developing from day to day, week to week. An advanced level activity log could even graph the baby’s activity over time to show trends and daily pie charts and so forth.

Availability: This tool is currently available at the following locations:

Profile: Marian

File: Deluxe Baby Activity Log Launch Countdown: 5 Days (1/4/11). Sell Spreadsheets Online

What do you think about’s decision to launch right after New Years? Anyway, check out this quick video plugging the site.

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