Article: 12 Tips for Selling Spreadsheets

The numbers of ways that a person can use spreadsheets is only limited to the imagination, but who's imagination? Can you imagine a spreadsheet that many, many people could benefit from and would love using? Maybe it provides a systematic way of making some difficult decisions or maybe it provides critical data-driven information. Whatever spreadsheet solution you have in mind, here are 12 tips for making it attractive to spreadsheet seekers:

  1. Identify a market need that a spreadsheet could be designed to fill. The more creative and practical, the better. This way, you minimize the amount of competing spreadsheets currently available while maximizing the likelihood that people will take interest.

  2. Create the spreadsheet in a user-friendly, template format. Design the spreadsheet with the non-spreadsheet user in mind. Try to eliminate any potential for errors, even for the most novice user. Use labels, color coding, and callouts to provide directions

  3. Use colors, images, formatting, and other design elements to enhance the appearance of the spreadsheet. This will help your file catch people’s eye as they look for solutions

  4. Name the file in a way that is attractive, yet effectively explains what the file can be used for. This will help get more clicks from Google and other search engines.

  5. Take attractive screenshots of your file. This way people can get a feel for the design and capability of your spreadsheet. Clean lines and vibrant yet purposeful colors help.

  6. Create a demonstration video and upload it to Youtube or other video websites. In the video, give directions on how they can find and download your file. This will give people another way to find you and helps to clearly demonstrate its capability. It could also serve as an instructions video and is one of the most impactful things you can do to sell spreadsheets.

  7. Include a tab for instructions. This will eliminate a lot of the trial and error that comes with using new spreadsheets

  8. Automate as much of the functionality as possible. The less work people have to do when using the spreadsheet, the more pleased they are with the experience. This also increases your potential customer base because more people will be able operate the spreadsheet with less trouble.

  9. Use graphs and charts to show trends and results. Set up these instruments to populate automatically where applicable. Enhance the appearance of your graphics using the effects available to you in the spreadsheet software. Don't just leave the default graph settings; go ahead and add some flare.

  10. Price the spreadsheet right. Consider the user, their budget, and how much use they will actually get out of it. Also consider the amount of effort that you put into the spreadsheet and its level of functionality and automation. Effectively executing the previous 9 tips also add value in the customer’s eyes. Also consider the pricing of similar spreadsheets; try to imagine that you are the customer comaring spreadsheets. Considering all things make yours the one they buy.

  11. Use detailed and keyword rich text to describe the spreadsheet and its capabilities.

  12. Finally, upload the Spreadsheet and all its glory to and start earning. - Sell Spreadsheets Banner

Following these simple tips should get you started off on the right track. Use the Spreadsheet Café to get great spreadsheet ideas. You can also post links back to your Excelville Profile page on your social networking profiles. In fact, effectively applying your own marketing techniques will only increase your sales potential.

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