Home Closing Cost Estimator

Buying a home…its part of the American Dream, some might argue. Closing on a home..its part of the American Nightmare, many will agree. Why? You ask. Lets just say that you should be prepared to sign a million papers that would require several lawyers and weeks to decipher and pay any strange amount of money at closing. Oh and everyone there is on a tight schedule so they're going to need you to hurry up and get through it all. It can really be a stressful process. But, wouldn't it be nice to at least walk in the door with some idea for how much closing costs will be? Well, a spreadsheet can be set up to calculate this amount fairly easily. All you do is plug in the variables of the home purchase and the spreadsheet kicks out a good estimate for closing costs. Just makes the whole process that much easier. This would be a very useful tool for real estate agents, home finance people, homebuyers, and home sellers.

There was recently a similar spreadsheet added to Excelville.com called Buyer and Seller Estimated Closing Cost by MJL Consulting.

Check it out for yourself as I'm sure you or someone you know might find it useful.

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