Tips for Creating Screenshots

What is a screenshot?

A screenshot is, as it implies, a image of your computer screen. Screenshots are used quite frequently in the computer and IT world to help people communicate what they are experiencing in a computer program. It makes it easy to communicate design features, layout, surface level functionality, and even errors when necessary. It can be a very useful tool because explaining some of these things in words can be a bit like playing Cherades.

How do you create a screenshot?

There are several software programs that can help you create a screenshot. One example is Screen Hunter, which lets you draw a box around the area you want to appear in the screenshot, then save the image wherever you want as a gif, jpeg, png or other image filetype. Some of these softwares provide other features as well and you can find plenty of free downloads to help you in this area.

Another way to take a screenshot without having to download anything is using Microsoft Powerpoint or any other program that can save as an image file (gif, jpeg, png, or other). With this method, you simply do a print screen, which is a button on the upper right area of your keyboard.

– All you need to do is make sure that your screen is showing the image that you want to display and hit the PrtScrn button. This will copy your currrent computer screen.

– Then you paste this image into a Powerpoint slide. You can crop or edit the image from there and then save the slide as an image file.

And there you have it. You can do a printscreen for as many images you want and paste them into one slide or multiple slides. Then save them all at the same time anywhere in your file directory.

Screenshots help you sell spreadsheets because they give the potential buyer a clear picture of your spreadsheet that can be impossible to communicate in words. Things like color combinatins, design and information flow, visual appeal, page layout and many other things. Good screenshots have the following characterists:

– Shows how the spreadsheet looks when its in use

– Displays key features of the spreadsheet

– Has effective use of color and formatting within the spreadsheet

– Displays relevant information or images significant to the purpose of the spreadsheet

– Shows information large enough to see easily for a person with normal or poor vision

These tips should get you going down the right track with your screenshots and communicating the value in your spreadsheets. Make sure to check out some of the other tools availble in the Seller Resources area of - Sell Spreadsheets Banner

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