Excelville Contest Winner – Facebook Insights Challenge

Ladies and Gentlemen we have a winner to the Excelville.com Facebook Insights Contest! The rules of the contest were to develop a tool to meet the following specifications and make a sell from Excelville.com:

  • Graphically displays page performance by Key Metrics, Countries, Gender and Age, Cities, Language, Internal Referrers, External Referrers (all this data is provided in the users Facebook Insights spreadsheet download)
  • Displays this data in both bar or line charts and pie charts
  • Requires no data entry on the part of the user. Ideally the user could download the data from Facebook and your tool simply links to the data source and performs the calculations/graphing automatically


And the winner is……..

Excel Accountant

The winning spreadsheet is called……

Facebook Insights Tool


The sales price was a whopping $24.99!

Below are a couple of screenshots from the listing:
Facebook Insights Tool ScreenshotFacebook Insights Tool ScreenshotFacebook Insights Tool ScreenshotFacebook Insights Tool ScreenshotFacebook Insights Tool Screenshot

Congratulations Excel Accountant for the win!

Stay tuned for your chance to participate in the next Excelville.com Contest.


Visit Excelville.com to get the embed code for this spreadsheet and get paid for leading sells.


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