Excelville.com Donates 100% of 2011 Profits to Fight Against Poverty

Excelville.com has officially joined the fight against poverty by donating 100% of 2011 profits to four charitable organizations that the company has identified as sharing the websites mission and vision for the world. Excelville is an online marketplace that allows people to sell, share, and download pre-designed spreadsheets. The spreadsheet is a productivity tool; and what better way to fight poverty than to encourage productivity, which is how we measure economic progress says Calvin Williams, founder and CEO of Excelville.com.

The site offers a variety of spreadsheet templates such as Downtime Tracking and Trending, Kanban Simulation, Financial Management Toolkits, Household Management Tools, and even Games. The four charities, which all currently have been awarded 4-Star ratings by Charity Navigator, are TechnoServe, ACCION International, Kickstart International, and Opportunity International. These are all organizations geared around fighting poverty through stimulating business development and increasing job and economic growth opportunities. Excelville believes that economic development in impoverished communities around the world is the most sustainable way to defeat poverty.

 The company has made the commitment to donate a portion of every spreadsheet sold to the aforementioned charities to support the cause. The site also encourages those who use the site to sell spreadsheets to serve in their communities, which span across the world, in the fight against poverty. To further the mission, the site frequently posts and re-posts developing stories, news, and events on its social networking pages such as Facebook, Twitter, SpreadsheetCafe, Youtube, and others to raise awareness about the issues and success stories of impoverished people around the world.

 The site has also developed an affiliate program that allows anyone to support the cause and make some extra cash in the process. People interested in joining the fight can go to http://www.excelville.com and set up an account. Once logged in, you can find spreadsheets you like and get an embed code to be placed in emails, websites, social pages and other places on the web and help lead sales, which in turn would help generate funds to fight poverty. You would also receive a 8% commission on the sales that you lead through the site. Its a win-win for everyone involved.

 If youd like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Calvin Williams, please use the contact listed above or visit http://www.excelville.com.

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