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Capital Investments Payment Schedule Spreadsheet

Mmmmm…the sweet smell of business success. Ever heard the expression…"it takes money to make money"? Well, thats typically true, combined with a bit of time and often some hard damn work. The only question that remains is how much money is it gonna take? Good thing there's a spreadsheet that can help you assess the answer to that question. A good Capital Investment Payment Schedule spreadsheet can help you lay out your costs over a time frame and calculate how much you'll need for each payment based on the effective and/or flat interest rate. Its a great tool for a project manager or someone looking to purchase some equipment to start a business. This way, you can also calculate if you'll make enough money with your new business venture to cover the costs of the equipment. This way, you can look at the project as a periodic return on investment standpoint.

Luckily for you there was recently just such a spreadsheet added to Excelville.com. Check it out for yourself to get the juicy details.

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